Three Dreams

No less than three dreams last night, which was very surprising because I kept overheating, waking up, throwing off the blanket, then getting cold, waking up again and having to retrieve the blanket. Anyway, the first was a chilling horror themed dream with a vampire. I started the dream as a woman being interviewed to … Continue reading Three Dreams

Investigating My Possibilities

Yesterday, after feeling the urgency and precariousness of my situation more strongly, I started investigating what kind of employment opportunities were available in my new town. It confirmed my concerns - I'm unqualified for most jobs due to lack of education, lack of experience, or lack of the necessary stamina & strength. I realized I … Continue reading Investigating My Possibilities

If You’re Christian, You Probably Don’t Want To Be Here

I was raised as an evangelical Christian. I write about that experience occasionally. I don't have nice things to say about it. Right now I'm very bitter about my conservative Christian upbringing and what it did to my life and the precious years I wasted, suffering intensely while trying to shape myself and my life … Continue reading If You’re Christian, You Probably Don’t Want To Be Here