Woke up this morning and started feeling anxiety kicking back in. A and H weren't very talkative Friday, and it made me start going into an anxiety spiral of 'what if I lost them as friends?' which was so gut-twisting it made me want to scream into the void. But that put me into problem-solving … Continue reading Unslumping

Depression Sans Anxiety

Content note: discussion of suicidal ideation. Wednesday was some of the roughest mental health shit I've dealt with to date. The day started out badly - I was already in a depressive mood early in the morning and the fact that everyone was silent made things worse. There was no chatter in my group chat … Continue reading Depression Sans Anxiety

This Is Quite A Timeline

I don't get political on this blog very often. Just a warning, I'm on the left and have nothing good to say about the current administration. I'm an LGBT+ person in a female body that grew up on the Christian right. The Christian right and their teachings combined with my parents' early brainwashing techniques conditioned … Continue reading This Is Quite A Timeline