Three Dreams

No less than three dreams last night, which was very surprising because I kept overheating, waking up, throwing off the blanket, then getting cold, waking up again and having to retrieve the blanket.

Anyway, the first was a chilling horror themed dream with a vampire. I started the dream as a woman being interviewed to be the vampire’s assistant, sitting on the edge of a desk while I had to pretend I did not see the blood on the ceiling that was slowly dripping down, because if I had admitted I saw it, the vampire would have known his power didn’t work on me. The power in question being the power to control what someone perceived so that they would think everything was normal.

I then became me, and my children were living in the house and friends with the vampire, and I believe the power to control what I perceived had been working but now was wearing off for me, and I saw the blood on the ceiling and the corpse of a very young child shoved underneath some trash and knew I had to get my children out of the vampire’s lair, which proved to be something of a difficult task since I needed to do so without tipping off the vampire to the fact that I was leaving.

The second dream involved ICE trying to take people, and I realized and wanted to help the people they came for, but couldn’t reach the caravan of 4 vehicles in time to jump in front of them, so instead I joined another person that had wanted to help and we sped off in a car, intending to find a spot where we could cut the caravan off by parking across the road.

The third dream involved another lair, this time for a supervillain, and it didn’t start out comedic but it sure ended that way. The villain’s henchmen had all decided (thanks to an inspiring speech of mine, maybe?) that they no longer wanted to work for him and were fleeing the lair while he crouched in a space above a door and threw things at the people that were leaving (some of which were large enough to hurt people). The most memorable portion of this dream was me confronting the villain, which turned out to be The Monarch from The Venture Brothers, and squirting a bottle of milk at him in an effort to get him to come down and stop throwing things.

My subconscious is a very interesting place.

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