So, I saw this still from an episode of the Simpsons yesterday and it had me ruminating about the fact that I call myself a witch. I guess I do - and have for a long time - seen myself as confident and powerful. Recognizing that I had been a victim of domestic abuse and … Continue reading Witchcraft

The Fanatics of Utrum

I was not kidding when I said I have a lot of ideas for stories with vampires. This is the opening of another that I worked on somewhere around 2016, I think. Admittedly, this story was going to include a wide range of fantasy creatures and be more reminiscent of a setting you might find … Continue reading The Fanatics of Utrum

I Don’t Think I Can Add This Job To My Resume

I've never exactly been in step with society or people in general. I'm off the beaten path, marching to the beat of my own drum - however you want to say it. That's usually not intentional. I'm pretty sure it would have happened with or without the homeschooling and religious brainwashing. I come from a … Continue reading I Don’t Think I Can Add This Job To My Resume