Comcast Sucks

Mini-monopolies are still monopolies.

Anyway, 5 years ago we moved from Florida (Brighthouse NEVER fucked up this badly in our years of service through them) to Illinois and had to go with Comcast.

We burned 2 hours worth of time on a pay-per-minute phone because our service wasn’t working and every rep my husband talked to said it was some other department’s area and transferred him. Eventually we looked out the window and saw a comcast tech’s van out front and went to speak to them. His appointment hadn’t responded to his knock, so he agreed to come to our apartment and take a look, where he discovered the wires on the outside of the apartment were missing.

Fast forward five years and my husband goes online to transfer service. It seems like everything is set – we’ll get a new router for IN and send in our router for IL. We’re going to get a self-starter kit that allows us to activate service without a tech. Service is scheduled to be turned off in IL on the 21st, or as soon as we activate service in IN.

On the 16th iirc, we get a message that Comcast is sending a tech to set up our service. We never scheduled a tech. I talk to their dispatcher and they apologize, and say we’re still getting sent our self-starter kit. On the 18th I wake up and discover they’ve canceled our service in IL. My husband spends an hour or more on the phone until he gets someone to turn our service back on. We receive our self-starter kit later that same day.

We get to IN on Saturday, the 20th, and install our new modem and activate service. Today, on the 23rd, I receive text message notification saying a tech is being sent to our location to activate service – something we haven’t requested. We already have service. Coincidentally we’re on our way to the UPS store to send our IL router back to Comcast.

We spend the day running errands, pick up my new car (yay!) and return home sometime after 4pm. My husband gets a text from Comcast thanking us for returning the IL router and OUR SERVICE IN INDIANA GETS CANCELED.

This company is the most inefficient, incompetent company I’ve ever dealt with, and they’re that way because they don’t have to be any good to work with when they’re the only fucking option people have.

My husband spent another couple of hours on the phone getting our service in IN restored.

So yeah, Comcast sucks.

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