Public Journaling

I've tried private journaling at various times in my life and have never been successful. It's not enough to write my thoughts down - I want to cast them out into the universe where they have a chance of being seen. It's a strange bit of ego but I imagine without the desire to share … Continue reading Public Journaling

Emotional Shock, Part 2

Monday was MLK Day. The kids had the day off school. My husband was home as well. I couldn't make phone calls while they were there but I knew my husband had planned another trip for laser tag. Once they'd left the apartment I started calling to price the services of local lawyers. It was … Continue reading Emotional Shock, Part 2


Things have been intense and it's getting in the way of me finishing the updates I set out to write. I'm still here, still dealing with life and still moving forward to the best of my ability. As soon as I get the energy and focus to finish an entry, I'll be publishing an update.