More Assorted Bits And Pieces

I woke up this morning and found that Comcast had canceled our internet service at our current residence even though they weren’t supposed to do that until the 21st. We’ve never had a good experience with Comcast and have only used them because they are the only option here.

My husband had to spend an hour on the phone getting service restored. I was glad that this time we had our smart phones. Five years ago setting up service we only had the pay-per-minute tracphones and he ended up spending 2 hours worth of time on the phone with Comcast informing them that no, regardless of what their system said, we did not have working internet at our new apartment.

I’m spending more time scrubbing Trash Panda Palace today. There is so much filth. So. Much. Filth. We’re not going to be able to get our deposit back, but I at least want the place less grimy when we leave. I’ve decided I hate vertical blinds with a passion – they’re even more of a pain in the ass to clean than horizontal blinds.

I’m in a decent place today, mentally and emotionally. Not great, or happy, but fortified enough. I can, in fact, feel a vague stirring of excitement over the fact that I get my new car next week. It’s a tangible step towards freedom and independence. I don’t care about the car itself – there seem to be only two kinds of cars in existence that I actually like looking at, and neither is an option (the original version of the VW bug and Jaguars). I picked this one because it was rated highly reliable and is reputed to drive smoothly over rough roads, which is going to be important in Indiana. Indiana’s roads are godawful.

Looking at the profanity in this post I’m reminded that I’ll have a story to share once I have time for writing down some of the non-moving related events that have happened this week.

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