A Few Observations After Moving

Something I miss about the suburbs of Chicago – street lights on the corner, so that even if you’re behind a large truck, you can still see if the light has changed.

I think I’ll miss the sound of the trains, too. In spite of the fact that my brain tainted them with association with suicidal ideation. (Thanks for that, brain, I appreciate having something I’ve loved since childhood take on that kind of weight.)

Our local grocery store is Kroger’s and it’s definitely a few steps up compared to the Jewel Osco that was our closest grocery store before. Food is cheaper here, too.

I’ve never seen an alcohol section as large as that, though. I suppose it makes sense that a state that would elect Pence to any position, let alone governor, would need a lot of alcohol. (Or perhaps the proliferate alcohol was why he got elected in the first place.)

There is an abundance of places to eat around here, and a lot of breweries and pubs, too. In one plaza alone they had Middle Eastern, Korean, Thai and Indian.

If you want to drink and eat, this town has you covered. You could visit a different place every day for a month and still be within the same 2-3 mile radius.

Indiana has terrible roads, but people have a sense of humor about it, joking that Indiana’s state flower is a traffic cone nestled in a pothole.

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