Bits and Pieces

I was so devastated at the idea of working retail. I sucked it up and applied for a job and I ended up working at a grocery store in a pandemic. That sounds pretty terrible on the surface of things. So it's a little surreal that when I'm at work I'm the most at peace … Continue reading Bits and Pieces


My desire to write ends up MIA a lot these days, which is sad because I'd like to keep up with what's going on a little more consistently. My ability to focus on reading has also been MIA a lot. That means my presence around here is spotty at best. Anyway, I had an encounter … Continue reading Spotty


Required mediation takes place tomorrow via Zoom. The lawyer originally handling my case left the firm for another job and now the paralegal and remaining lawyer are having to handle the extra caseload while knowing nothing much about my situation. There's even a schedule conflict that will mean the paralegal, rather than the lawyer, is … Continue reading Dread