Big Changes, Part 4

The weekend passed pretty quietly. My ex, of course, was demanding to know where the kids were, demanding I bring them back, demanding I have them call him – the kids actually didn’t want to call and speak with him, though. So I told them that I would text him that they’d call him tomorrow (Sunday) and not say anything about how it was because they didn’t want to talk to him at the moment. They were relieved.

We did a bit of shopping at Walmart. I’d purchased masks for them from my coworker that makes masks so we could keep practicing a certain amount of safety, not having forgotten that yes, there is still a pandemic. Living is way too expensive – we were basically just picking up small and normal household items and I felt like the money was bleeding out of me. Oh well, at least my ex had been convinced to give me my half of the stimulus money so I don’t have to worry quite so much about investing in things for the apartment.

My kids talked to their dad, and were very uncomfortable with the conversation. They didn’t want to tell him anything and he kept asking if anyone else was there, if anyone was telling them what to say, if anyone was listening – I think he even asked if they were still in the country. I wasn’t listening; I only know this because the kids voluntarily told me. I had decided I would trust them to keep my plan running, and my trust was rewarded.

We did a little more shopping at Walmart and picked up some groceries at Aldi’s after that, and took a small walk. I had them call their dad again in the evening so he could say goodnight to them, and he once again questioned them about the presence of anyone else, etc.

Monday the attorneys got things underway. What I had done had lit a fire under my ex and suddenly he was all about having a legal parenting plan in place. My parenting plan, the one I’d proposed in mediation. It’s only for the summer, as he still thinks he’s going to be able to get primary in the fall when we go to court. By 6pm Monday, he had the kids again for his week, and I pick them back up this upcoming Monday to begin my week.

It’s not a perfect result by any means – I’m pretty sure he lied about having planned this week off in order to spend time with the kids. I think he said that because he wanted the first week, so that my first week would be shortened by the time he gets them for the Father’s Day holiday. Yes, that is exactly the sort of petty thing he would do, especially to revenge himself on me after I blindsided him.

That’s okay, though – this shows the kids that what I did wasn’t about getting revenge on their dad, it was about making sure my time with them is legally protected and that I get to see them as much as he does – and that I will do what needs to be done to make sure that happens. It shows them that I want what is best for them.

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