Public Journaling

I’ve tried private journaling at various times in my life and have never been successful. It’s not enough to write my thoughts down – I want to cast them out into the universe where they have a chance of being seen. It’s a strange bit of ego but I imagine without the desire to share the inner workings of my mind I wouldn’t feel the ambition to be a writer in the first place.

For years, Facebook provided an outlet for those thoughts that needed the assurance of a potential audience. Facebook also had a deleterious* affect on my mental health, though, so I’ve deactivated my account and found myself in the position of having thoughts I want to write about and share, without my usual outlet.

I was blogging regularly over a decade ago, and decided maybe I should utilize it as an outlet again. With the sheer volume of content out there it is unlikely many people – if any – will find or read these thoughts, but the chance is there, however small. So here I am, prodding the universe with a stick and saying ‘pay attention to me’ even though the universe is too vast to feel that prod.

If you, whoever you are, happen to be paying attention to me, thanks! Whether you’re someone that actually knows me and felt like seeing what I’m up to, or a stranger trying to alleviate boredom with a ramble through a random blog, hi!

*I love words. I love synonyms. I love semantics. I love precision. I love word play and innuendo and double entendres. I’m always torn between wanting to keep my writing functional and accessible and wanting to use words like deleterious. If brevity is the soul of wit, I’m not very witty.

5 thoughts on “Public Journaling

  1. I love words too! I’m forever being told “It doesn’t mean anything!” when I question what someone’s said, or their use of a certain word. It does! It all means something!
    & I feel the same about public versus private journaling.

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