Big Changes, Part 3

We - the four of us helping and me - got in our vehicles and drove to my new place. It didn't take long to unload, and then we stood outside my new apartment while one of my coworkers had a smoke. My other coworker told me he was going to use some of his … Continue reading Big Changes, Part 3

Big Changes, Part 2

My ex seemed to accept what I said about moving at the end of June. I suspected he was thinking "roommate" in quotation marks and honestly, he was probably so busy thinking about that it never occurred to him that I might be up to anything else. The people that would be able to help … Continue reading Big Changes, Part 2

Everything Seems To Be Going Well, And That’s Suspicious

We got extremely lucky. The couple that placed a hold on the apartment we wanted backed out, and we've already applied and been approved. As soon as I knew we were approved, I pulled up google maps to take a look at the surrounding area and discovered the location is even better than I'd realized. … Continue reading Everything Seems To Be Going Well, And That’s Suspicious