Catching Up On The Week

Wednesday evening, I got a message from (Indiana) M asking if I’d mind coming over Thursday morning and helping her do some packing. This was something I’d already offered, but she probably wouldn’t have taken me up on it if it hadn’t been for the fact that she had the flu for two days and got behind. I was happy to have the distraction, though, so Thursday morning I headed to her place after my youngest was safely off to school.

M did not get around to showing me where she needed help immediately, instead cooking a breakfast of bacon & eggs for her husband, stepson and I. After that was finished she had to handle a work call and disappeared for a few minutes, and I asked her husband if there was anything I could do to help while waiting and he set me up with flattened boxes I could start setting up and taping, as well as showing me the area where we’d be packing – an untidy arts & crafts room.

He had an auxiliary cord attached to speakers, so I was able to plug in my phone and blast music from spotify, which was definitely a nice addition to a chore like packing. M joined me not too much later and we worked to get as much as we could boxed before I had to leave at 2pm. I needed to be home before the kids so I could have the door unlocked for them.

M was good company, as usual, and the time flew by pretty quickly. We got the worst of the room packed up before I had to go.

I got distracted in the afternoon, lost track of time and realized I was running behind my usual time to leave for the Excel training course, but fortunately I was able to get changed quickly and still got there early. I found out I’d missed an email from my instructor letting me know he was switching seat assignments so that the lady that had been sitting next to me and struggling so much would be easier for him to help. He said he’d noticed me helping her during the training and that it was appreciated, but he wanted to make sure I didn’t fall behind myself while trying to help her.

Apparently she’d been having trouble hearing him all along, and being moved closer did help improve her performance so that she struggled less and I didn’t really need to help her much at all. We got our course completion certificates, and one of the class took a group photo, and then I headed home.

My instructor kindly emailed us training videos for everything he covered so we could review what we learned, and gave us his card and said if we ever ran into a problem at work and couldn’t remember how he’d done something, to email him and he’d be happy to help us figure out what needed to be done. That was a nice and unexpected gesture on his part.

I went home and ended up sleeping like shit, for reasons I’ll detail in the next post, when I get around to it.

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