Relocation Achieved

Well, the relationship between my husband and I did not devolve to the point we couldn’t live under the same roof together, so I’ve reached my first goal, which was to get to Indiana without having relapsed into a major depression, first.

The movers commented on how we had more boxes than furniture. This is AFTER we got rid of quite a lot before moving. There’s some comfort in the thought that if we separate and I get my own place at the end of this year’s lease, the amount of stuff my husband and kids collect will no longer be something I have to directly concern myself about.

Yesterday did not go as planned, which was expected as far as I was concerned but definitely annoyed my husband. We left Illinois about an hour later than he’d wanted, promptly got stuck in traffic due to an accident on I-55, saw a whole bunch of vehicles broken down or that had just had a collision before we reached the area, and then got stuck on another section of interstate where they’d reduced the lanes to one for construction and everything just crawled along.

We arrived at the leasing office about 20 minutes before they were set to close. I’m glad I put my foot down when it came to the subject of loading and unloading the truck, so that my husband hired movers to help. If my husband and I had to handle it all ourselves the way we did 5 years ago when we moved from Florida to Illinois, I’d have had to be scraped off the sidewalk while the truck was still 3/4 full. Just helping transfer the contents of the storage room to the truck on Friday had wiped me out.

My car is already approved for financing and on hold with the dealer, we’ll pick it up sometime this week. I’m excited about being able to get out and explore on foot, too. Well, after this heat wave passes. Naturally we’d pick a move date that coincided with a brutally hot summer spike.

The good thing about how exhausting everything was is that the part of me curled up in a fetal position while screaming was easily shoved to the background and ignored. It’s the secret to existence -just be too tired to give a damn about anything!

Speaking of existence, my phone is trying to give me an existential crisis. I felt cute yesterday, even though I was scrubbing Trash Panda Palace, went to take a selfie and was informed by my phone that no faces were detected. I didn’t sign up for this level of snark from a piece of electronic equipment.

3 thoughts on “Relocation Achieved

  1. “I felt cute yesterday…went to take a selfie and was informed by my phone that no faces were detected. I didn’t sign up for this level of snark from a piece of electronic equipment.” Lol, well for a “writer selfie” that line is indeed pretty cute, HP. :)))

    Glad you are surviving the move. So right about the secret to existence being to be too occupied and tired to care much about anything! I experienced that last week, too. I basically had no time to ruminate and devolve into negative habit thinking patterns. Though difficult at times it was refreshing all in all!

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    1. Well, I’m aware that avoiding using hard work to ignore your problems and not work on them isn’t actually going to solve anything (you were being taught to be mindful along with the hard work, which isn’t avoidance!) But it did at least help me get through the weekend, which was important!

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