Everything Seems To Be Going Well, And That’s Suspicious

We got extremely lucky. The couple that placed a hold on the apartment we wanted backed out, and we’ve already applied and been approved. As soon as I knew we were approved, I pulled up google maps to take a look at the surrounding area and discovered the location is even better than I’d realized.

The local library is practically next door to the complex, which is even more convenient than our current library’s location. There are a quite a few restaurants nearby, with a good mix of family favorite chains and new options to try, along with a tea house and a coffee house. There’s a park just to the north with a walking trail – and the nearby neighborhoods and roads all have sidewalks, and the whole area seems to have a string of bike/jogging trails, which makes it far more pedestrian friendly than the other places we’d looked at. There’s a state park within easy driving distance, along with some forest preserves.

I got even more excited about the location after being approved than before, and promptly had to deal with that feeling that everything is going too well. My husband is working with me on the sleep and clutter issues, and with more grace than before. I don’t have to move to Texas. We got the apartment we really wanted and didn’t think we’d be able to get. Now, of course, I’m feeling like I should be careful about getting excited lest the universe notice and dump spite on my head.

I sincerely hope that my luck continues to hold. It would be really nice if the random number generator worked in my favor for a bit.

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