Looking Again

I managed to exert myself in spite of my desire to wallow in self-pity and left a voice mail for the next likeliest therapist among the ones I’d bookmarked. He also practices in downtown Indy, within walking distance of the Central Library still, which to be honest would be a perk. More importantly, though, he was listed as allied with the LGBT community.

When he called back, it turned out he was actually a member of the LGBT community, not simply an ally, and turned out to seem like a really nice person, so I was really sad to find out he wasn’t able to accept new clients. He was eager to help me find someone, though, and when he found out I was new to the Indy area, was very warm and welcoming.

He directed me to check with another therapist that is part of the LGBT community and that he’s known for years. He also told me about outhealthcare.com, which is a website that compiles LGBT-friendly healthcare providers. The website was actually started by students in Indy, but has since become a nationwide resource. He also said insurance companies will usually have a listing of LGBT-friendly providers in their network, too!

I did explain that I wasn’t seeking help -with- LGBT issues at the moment, simply wanting to avoid incidental bias while receiving treatment. I didn’t want to feel that I was presenting my needs falsely. He said that was actually the majority of his clients – members of the LGBT community that had other reasons for needing to seek therapy, and they just wanted to avoid dealing with bias.

By the end of the phone call, I was very sorry he was not available to be my new therapist, he seemed so sweet and helpful.

I then contacted my insurance company to make sure the therapist he’d recommended would be in-network, and when that was confirmed, left a voicemail for him. I sincerely hope they’ll be available to take new clients – I hate making phone calls.

In other health areas, today hasn’t been too bad of a day for my neck & shoulder. I’ve been taking ibuprofen and muscle relaxers, and frankly the muscle relaxers don’t seem to be doing a damn thing. The way the doc talked about them, and the way friends have talked about them after having to use them, I was expecting… something. I haven’t been able to notice any effect at all, other than the first night when I got up to pee, I felt dizzy and nauseous after standing up. Otherwise, no effect that I can tell. I continue to take them just in case, as I want to follow the recommended treatment.

Last night I switched from using my pillow to placing a rolled up towel under my neck and that actually seems to have made a positive impact. My neck wasn’t quite as sore and stiff when I got up, and has felt improved throughout the day as well. I’m going to sleep that way again tonight and see if it continues to offer improvement. I’d really like to see that healing is occurring. I’m REALLY tired of being stuck in the house.

Speaking of being stuck in the house, my second born, B, came home from school sick and feeling badly enough he said he didn’t want to go trick or treating. So my husband has taken the other three to a trick or treating event being held at the Indianapolis fairgrounds, and I’m here with B. Our other three have already been informed they’ll be required to give up a portion of their candy to share with their brother, because we’re dirty socialists in this household.

Here’s a picture that seems appropriate for Halloween and All Saint’s Day:

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