So, I saw this still from an episode of the Simpsons yesterday and it had me ruminating about the fact that I call myself a witch. I guess I do - and have for a long time - seen myself as confident and powerful. Recognizing that I had been a victim of domestic abuse and … Continue reading Witchcraft

Big Changes, Part 4

The weekend passed pretty quietly. My ex, of course, was demanding to know where the kids were, demanding I bring them back, demanding I have them call him - the kids actually didn't want to call and speak with him, though. So I told them that I would text him that they'd call him tomorrow … Continue reading Big Changes, Part 4


Required mediation takes place tomorrow via Zoom. The lawyer originally handling my case left the firm for another job and now the paralegal and remaining lawyer are having to handle the extra caseload while knowing nothing much about my situation. There's even a schedule conflict that will mean the paralegal, rather than the lawyer, is … Continue reading Dread