I realized recently that some of my posts (because they’re written as a public journal, emphasis on the journal) include statements that are likely to be confusing because they’re missing context.

So, trying to come up with a short biography for people that might be newer to reading here.

I was home schooled and raised to be a fundamentalist evangelical Christian. The beliefs were very patriarchal. A woman’s highest calling was to get married, have babies, and submit to her husband.

I tried to live out that “calling” and it very nearly broke me. Eventually, as my knowledge of the world, history & science expanded, I walked away from those beliefs. I’m functionally an atheist and on the left, politically.

When I started to fix my mental health and attempted to gain a little more agency and equality in my relationship, it led to the meltdown of my marriage. It turns out, my husband had known he had the power in the relationship, actively exploited me to get what he wanted, and wanted things to stay that way.

I’ve got a 20 part series about my journey away from the right and away from Christianity from that I wrote early in 2019, but I probably need to revise it due to the fact that it predates my knowledge that my husband actively exploited the power imbalance in our relationship.

2 thoughts on “Oops

  1. You rule. Have you noticed how all the churchy people have kept their mouths shut about the corona virus? Mostly because they can’t explain it away easily, I imagine – or they haven’t thought of a good bible passage to explain why it’s a good thing… (you know – this pandemic slaughter of tens of thousands that their god INVENTED) lol


    1. Hah, I think UK churchy people and US churchy people are different breeds. We’ve definitely got them opening their big mouths here – claiming God will protect them from the virus, claiming it’s a punishment for [whatever thing they don’t like], and my own mom sent me a video about a “prophecy” that the virus had been sent as a gift to Trump, so that he could show his godly leadership and win reelection. 🙄


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