Everything Hurts

Physically, I feel like I’m beginning to disintegrate from stress.

Emotionally, everything hurts.

I’ve gotten 3 hours of sleep twice in the last three nights.

When I close my eyes for a moment I’m not sure if my brain is trying to enter a dream state without actually being asleep, or hallucinate.

I’ve been trying to stay off of Facebook and messenger for the last little while so I don’t bleed all over the first day of my friends’ new year.

I tried to work on something my therapist suggested and it just made me feel much worse.

I know the worst part of this is the 3 hours twice in 3 nights. It’s always a little easier to cope and stay afloat if I’ve had a little more sleep than that.

I’m just focusing on getting through the rest of the day.

6 thoughts on “Everything Hurts

  1. Sending you love, hugs and strength. I know it doesn’t mean a ton but please remember you can and will get through this. A year from now you’re going to look back on this distant memory, think of how far you come and be nothing but proud. Keep going ❤ I know i don't know you but, I know you're strong enough. I can see it in how you carry yourself, the way you word things, the person you are. You can get through this just keep going.

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  2. You’re going through a trauma in slow motion, and that’s hard, but you are a really strong person. Maybe you don’t feel like it, but from your writings here, you really are. Telling your kids must have been incredibly hard on you too.

    Is there anything you can do to improve your sleep? Sleep makes emotions easier to handle. I have found guided meditation to be helpful… sometimes. I’m not sure if you have tried that so apologies if you have.

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    1. I think moving out to sleep in a different part of the apartment may help, but also the holiday break ending so we can go back to our routines. I haven’t tried guided meditation yet so it’s probably worth a shot.

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