I Had A Good Day

While the day began on the unpleasant flavor left by last night’s dream, it improved considerably as time went on.

I had a nice time chatting with A and H throughout the day, combining it with listening to music and actually getting a little bit of stuff done, like putting away my laundry and clearing out a duffel bag that still had things in it from the move.

Then I found out I could fit into a pair of jean shorts that had gotten too small a few years back. I’d kept them because I’d gone to a fair amount of work hemming them with large grommets (it’s a thing I do) but I hadn’t been expecting to be able to wear them again.

I’m fairly certain portion control and regular exercise are just helping me drop weight, finally, but my worst case scenario brain did whisper that I shouldn’t be too happy about fitting into the shorts because I probably had something terribly wrong with me that was causing me to lose weight and I would find out I was dying. Or maybe parasites.

I managed to shrug that off and just enjoy fitting into old clothes.

After my husband got off work, we went to my younger son’s junior high to tour the premises and get his schedule and on the way back I thought it might be nice to pick a place to eat that was further than 2 minutes away and get some practice driving in my new car. I want to feel more comfortable in it before I drive to meet M and then H on Saturday.

My husband initially seemed grumpy and wary about the idea of going out, because it’s not officially ‘date night’ any longer, just us going out together to spend time outside the house with another adult, but he seemed somewhat reassured by the fact that I said I’d rather go with him than by myself, and that I wouldn’t want to go do things with just any random adult.

We drove a few miles to the town north of us, then out to a pub & grill on a lake. The weather is pleasant so we sat outside to eat. The food was pricier, but good. My husband seemed to find my good mood surprising and vaguely unsettling, and wanted to know if there was a reason for it. I told him it was just nice to get out of the house and go do something, which was true. I’d greatly enjoyed driving out into territory I’d never seen before, even if it wasn’t particularly exciting.

After we finished eating and left the restaurant, I decided to drive a little further north for additional exploration, and ended up in another town that had a crowded cemetery alongside the road. I was musing out loud wondering just how old the cemetery was, in case I wanted to visit, when I spotted a section sporting a large treestump gravestone – my husband was startled when I screamed ‘EEEE, IT HAS ONE’ while traveling what appeared, to him, to be a random stretch of road.

I’d recently been reading about tree stump gravestones, which were popular in the late 1800s, and how apparently there were over 2000 in Indiana. I had intended to be on the lookout for them whenever I visited a cemetery, and it was exciting to spot one in person, even if just from the road. It was much larger than I was expecting, and I’m planning to go back after the kids are in school so I can stop and take pictures.

So yeah. I had a good day, and it’s a nice change.

5 thoughts on “I Had A Good Day

  1. “I managed to shrug that off and just enjoy fitting into old clothes.” Nice. Lol!!!

    I love those shorts… grommet hems, what a rad idea.
    I too am dropping weight. Definitely portion control, and/or more mindful intake. And less alcohol-free wine and beer, more water. Feels really nice.

    I adore graveyards, especially in North America and in England, where tend to be grassy and natural. Here, they are not at all the same… concrete concrete and more concrete. With gaudy accessories sold by the funeral industries. Exhausting.

    So happy you had a good day. Those tree stump graves sound beautiful.

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  2. Not really into graveyards, maybe because I drive by one every day so it’s not unique to me, so I’d never heard of a tree-stump gravestone. How do they keep those from rotting? (And, yay! about the shorts. Good job.)

    Liked by 1 person

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