First Impressions

Tomorrow I’m supposed to meet two friends I’ve known online for years but will now get to meet in person for the first time – first M, then H.

My period has started. My face is angry about the period and angry about my attempt at makeup a couple of days ago. I probably shouldn’t try to cover up my angry skin with makeup since it will probably just make it angrier. I shouldn’t even be having a period right now, it’s too soon, but either my uterus is preparing to melt down and have to be removed like my aunt’s, or stress has fucked my hormones all to hell.

Did I mention anxiety? I get anxiety about socializing and I get anxiety about driving unfamiliar urban places and tomorrow I’m going to be doing both. I also have to find parking within a reasonable distance of where I’m supposed to meet H.

It’s like the universe is actively trying to make socializing as stressful as hell for me.

Plus, my brain is reminding me the last time I got frazzled because of going somewhere unfamiliar and having to be around people, I ended up hugging a lady I’d only met twice and she was as surprised as I was. (I don’t even like hugging people!)

Maybe, instead of going tomorrow, I will find a deep dark hole, crawl into it, and then hiss and scratch and bite anyone that tries to investigate my new lair.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. It was lovely to read these two posts in reverse order – this is painfully familiar to me. And when I get positive reinforcement for why I should take risks, I’m half delighted and half annoyed that it means I don’t have an excuse to cocoon in my comfort zone next time.

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    1. Hah, that sounds familiar. I’m already feeling anxious because I definitely want to see them both again but I’m already worrying about going through the process of planning & scheduling & yes, being out of my comfort zone.

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