New Ground to Tread

I’ve been taking walks in the morning since arriving here, since getting walks in the evening has proved more difficult. I’d prefer to prioritize a walk before bed to help me sleep more soundly, but there’s definitely a charm to walking in the morning.

One of the things I’ve liked about moving north is the fact that it cools down at night. The mornings feel chilly in a good way. In addition to that, morning light is probably my second favorite time of the day, after that glorious golden light when late afternoon becomes evening.

My new town seems to have a nice network of walking and biking trails, and I can reach that network right behind my apartment building. Most of it passes through decent-looking middle-class suburbia but the last section I can reach in 30 minutes, before turning around, is actually quite lovely as it passes through a little bit of woodland and a lot of undergrowth, alongside a little stream that empties into a creek.

The creek is where I stop, sit for a few minutes and then turn around to go home. It’s shallow, with clear water burbling over a line of rocks on one side, overhung by trees, and on the other shadowed by the nearby road’s bridge, which is tall enough to give a view of the grassy, wooded field on the other side.

Another thing I love about moving out of Florida is the fact that trees here are so much taller. When my eyes follow the trunk of some giant up into the sky, I gain a feeling similar to that of standing on a hill and looking out towards a distant horizon. My phone’s camera isn’t good enough to truly capture the loveliness of the morning sun causing their leaves to glow.

I always wonder if anyone else I see out on the trail is there for their mental health the way I am, or if they’re simply there for the sake of bodily fitness. I’ve appreciated the side benefit of regular exercise aiding in losing some of the pernicious pregnancy weight that’s been hanging on for years now, but the ultimate purpose of my walks is to aid my psyche in maintaining some kind of peaceful resilience.

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