Denial Of Expectations

I knew Indy M's support for my plan to ask H out on a date was spurred in part by her particular moral biases and beliefs about relationships. She falls in the camp of believing that when men and women are friends, it's nigh inevitable that someone catches feels. I think on some level, whether … Continue reading Denial Of Expectations

Learning to Hope

Thursday I went to see my therapist. I knew he wanted to talk about the nightmare that had caused me so many issues over the beginning of the week - I think he also wanted to see if I had reason to believe I was in any real danger from my husband. Any time people … Continue reading Learning to Hope

‘Love Is All You Need’ Is A Lie

Who knows, maybe at some point I would have wanted the marriage, children and a nest thing - if I'd been given time to arrive there instead of being pressured to accept it while it was very much not what I wanted or needed. 'Love is all you need' is a lie, a bald-faced, utter … Continue reading ‘Love Is All You Need’ Is A Lie