My desire to write ends up MIA a lot these days, which is sad because I’d like to keep up with what’s going on a little more consistently. My ability to focus on reading has also been MIA a lot. That means my presence around here is spotty at best.

Anyway, I had an encounter at Potter’s Bridge with an adorable baby possum and filmed it coming up to me and walking between my legs and just generally being so cute I could die and then I found out I couldn’t upload the video to my blog because I’d have to pay to upgrade my account. Phooey.

Yesterday I was on door duty the last hour we were open (the place I’m employed limits the amount of customers inside at one time). We were letting anyone in line before closing come in, but turning away anyone that showed up after that. One lady arrived 10 minutes after we’d closed, after everyone in line had already been allowed in. When I told her we were closed, she claimed she’d just seen someone else go in, then huffed and said she’d driven 45 minutes.

I stared at her and bit back my desire to say that we live in an age where you can google a store’s hours, or you know, call before you leave to make sure you’ll have time. I was actually surprised that she didn’t ask to speak to a manager, instead returning to her car after a moment.

When I told A & H about it afterward, H quipped that I should have responded “Okay, Karen.” Which would have been brilliant but would also probably get me in trouble.

2 thoughts on “Spotty

  1. Possums are hecking adorable, babies more so! Honestly, I was thinking “Karen” before I read that you wrote it, ha. Maybe she’s not at optimum Karen levels. I’m time travelling in the past to see how much I can catch up with you, I hope you’ve found more bright spots like your fluffy encounter.


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