It’s a good thing I remember to look words up every now and then before using them, just to make sure I am, in fact, using them correctly. There’s rather a large difference between saying ‘another day of turpitude’ versus ‘another day of torpidity.’

Personally, I have frequently experienced days of torpidity, but I don’t really have it in me to manage even one day of turpitude. On the other hand, as an out queer woman, the communities I grew up in would no doubt see every day of my existence as a day of turpitude, so there’s that.

Really, though, growing up in a very conservative patriarchal religion makes wicked degeneracy an easy feat to achieve. No special effort required. If you happen to be female, something as simple as short hair and short shorts will do the trick. Simply dress appropriately for a torpid summer day and you’ll have achieved turpitude!

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