End Of An Era

Well, Game of Thrones is done. And in my opinion, it went out with a whimper. You could pick just about any Two Steps From Hell song and get a more epic experience in two minutes than from watching last night’s episode.

Honestly, I feel like Benioff and Weiss are two people that should have less control over projects, and should certainly not be the writers. They have no finesse. Sometimes they foreshadow a thing to the point you’re rolling your eyes. When the payoff arrives, you’re sitting there sarcastically thinking ‘oh, what a huge surprise, no one could have seen this coming.’ Other times, they foreshadow a thing and then – nothing. Nothing happens, like they think that failing to deliver payoff is some kind of edgy subversion of expectations. Then, of course, there are the things they pull out to “surprise” the audience which have had no real build-up at all. So you’re left blinking, wondering what just happened.

They are even worse with consistent characterization. They have characters make decisions which aren’t at all in keeping with their previous story arc, and how they transitioned from being one way to being another way isn’t explained at all. When they have a character make a decision that makes sense, it’s often handled in a way that isn’t really satisfying, at all.

Speaking of building things up only to fail to deliver any payoff… WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH THE HORSE.


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