Masculine or feminine. STEM or the arts. Logic or emotions. Science fiction or fantasy. Urban or rural. Art deco or art nouveau. Industrial or whimsical. Night owl or morning person. Straight or gay. Practical or romantic. Prose or poetry. Dominant or submissive. Winter or summer. Flesh or spirit.

Humans have an odd way of insisting that people pick one thing over another, as if we can’t love both, or neither. They insist we be one thing or another, as if we can’t be both, or neither. We confine people to narrow channels so that we can quickly and easily place them in our social hierarchies and make assumptions about their behavior and motivations that will determine how we treat them. We say one thing is so wholly different from another that they can’t exist in an integrated whole.

Welcome to the binary. Are you a 1 or a 0?

Neither. Both.

I love genre-blending and genre-bending, in music, books, art and cinema. I love men in skirts and eyeliner, and women in menswear. I still listen to Enya and Linkin Park. I followed Faerie Magazine and I Fucking Love Science on Facebook. Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn showed me that prose could be poetry, and Disney’s Gargoyles brought aliens, faeries, technology and magic into the same world. Aria by Paul Schwartz brought opera and electronica together.

I couldn’t stand to exist without my ability to reason, or my ability to feel emotions. I want a world that contains both sublime art and dick jokes. I may gravitate towards the cerebral but that does not mean I want to dispense with the sensual. One of the most magical sights I’ve been surprised by was rounding a curve onto a bridge at night, and seeing a factory across the river, covered in twinkling yellow lights and drifting steam.

Beauty and joy are lost when we force people to see their existence as a string of either/or.

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