Super Powers

I’ve always enjoyed questions like ‘what super power would you want?’

I wouldn’t want invisibility. There’s an X-Files episode that explains why that’s a bad idea. Super strength or speed or dexterity sound useful, but not really fun. They sound like the pickup truck of super powers. You’re going to be asked to help with menial labor. I wouldn’t want flight, on its own, though the power I would pick would be versatile and allow for a kind of flight. The idea of being in a human body soaring through the sky just seems a little silly. Christopher Reeves aside, most people just can’t make that look dignified.

Invulnerability is kind of cool, but again, it would come with expectations. Energy attacks would be a bad idea. Too much of a temptation to misuse them. I absolutely do not want to read people’s thoughts. Having to hear their spoken words is often bad enough. Telekinetic power is pretty cool. That one is a contender. I’d mostly use it so I didn’t have to get up when I realized my drink was too far away, though. Regeneration is really solid and definitely a contender, too – at least the kind that gives you near-immortality. I’d like immortality.

Being able to control people’s minds would either be a great idea or a very, very bad idea. I’d probably be an anti-hero at best with that one. Teleportation or portals would be useful and probably kind of fun, too, but it would feel a little chaotic. What if you opened a portal to a place that was flooded, or teleported inside a solid object? Getting larger seems largely pointless, and getting smaller would be fun but I imagine a lot of work, too.

On the other hand, shapeshifting while retaining my own intellect and personality sounds fucking awesome. It’s very versatile and would allow me to at least echo or mimic certain other powers I’ve mentioned. I could get smaller or larger, stronger, faster, more flexible. I could escape notice by blending in or becoming small enough to hide. I could take on the characteristics necessary to survive a variety of environments. I could see in the dark, track by scent, breathe underwater and fly.

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t be particularly likely to be a hero, anti-hero or villain with this power. I’d probably just be shapeshifting as a bird to go fly around, see new places and hang out in the trees, or shapeshifting into a cat to nap in the sun. Sometimes I’d be something aquatic and go swimming. Okay, maybe sometimes I’d be an elephant and trample someone that deserved it. But mostly I’d just have fun and explore the world from a new perspective.

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