They never show this kind of thing in cinema. A mediocre, maudlin, pathetic personal drama unfolding. No pretty people, no striking cinematography. Just someone trying to face that their life may be irretrievably falling to ruin, in a bedroom full of clutter, detritus and dust. They’re trying to clean to rein in some of the chaos. Collecting all the small items that have accumulated: legos, assorted toys, pens, pencils, crayons, small devices of indeterminate purpose, and various cords. They’re picking up so many pieces of trash it would seem the apartment had no trash receptacles. They’re sorting papers to keep or discard. They’re vacuuming cobwebs from the corners, wiping thick layers of dust off the furniture and the electronics. They’re blinking back tears while listening to Celine Dion’s Ashes (from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack) on a loop. Oh, and they’re trapping shrews.

Yes, trapping shrews. One of the world’s few venomous mammals. Tiny little cannibals that will kill mice and snakes in addition to their own kind. Shrews aren’t even supposed to find human houses particularly habitable due to their diet, and yet, a pregnant shrew apparently gave birth to and raised a litter of at least five shrews in an upstairs bedroom closet. Four of the five (or more!) have been deposited outside and a fifth is now downstairs somewhere, having escaped the (live) trap it was in. Because when things just aren’t chaotic and surreal enough, life finds a way and sends you an infestation of shrews in your closet.

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