Things I Brought Back

I don't exactly have a large disposable income at the moment, but I still purchased a few things on my trip (other than food & gas). First up, a big red mug that just makes me happy to look at it, plus a pair of retro-styled jean shorts, found in a KARM thrift store. Next, … Continue reading Things I Brought Back

Smoky Mountain Knife Works

This store is huge. Huge and weird and practically swimming in a very southern American masculine aesthetic with a big side of nerd thrown in. Here's the story of how I ended up here during my visit to Tennessee - I have a favorite knife. It's got a metal handle where the blade and handle … Continue reading Smoky Mountain Knife Works


But has he tried dating people? I know it's not really a respectable blog post. I spent 6 hours looking at pricy handcrafted items in the Gatlinburg area with my dad and his friend G. I'm still stuck using my phone. This is the best I'm gonna do for now!