Things I Brought Back

I don’t exactly have a large disposable income at the moment, but I still purchased a few things on my trip (other than food & gas).

First up, a big red mug that just makes me happy to look at it, plus a pair of retro-styled jean shorts, found in a KARM thrift store. Next, a purple & pink striped umbrella for my oldest daughter, as she outgrew her previous umbrella, and a rainbow umbrella for me. Maybe I can take it to a pride parade next year. The umbrellas were only $5 each at Walmart – not high quality, but serviceable enough given that I don’t need to use one very often! After that, my metal handled knives (one recently used to slice a tomato for my lunch tacos). Lastly, a pair of dark blue jeans, also found in a thrift store, though I can’t remember if it was a KARM or a Goodwill. Jeans and jean shorts are one of my favorite things to wear, though I usually only have a handful at a time and wear them until they fall apart.

It’s a ridiculously large mug

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