Returning Home Tomorrow

It’s totally normal to feel a little sick at the thought of going home, right?


On a more positive note, in spite of how my dad feeds me (good, and too much) and less exercise this past week, I am down to a size 8. Much closer to the size 6 I was pre-pregnancy. It adds to my sense of being somewhat restored to my former self.

Anonymous Selfie

13 thoughts on “Returning Home Tomorrow

    1. Haven’t heard of the kibbe body type, so I’ll have to google that later, but it wouldn’t have bothered me, lol. Would be interesting to see how close you could get to a person’s real body type just from their shadow!

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  1. I’m guessing natural or classic, mostly from the length of your upper arm and the shape of your torso, but I’m struggling. The ones I would cross out for sure are dramatic and romantic (both are on the extreme ends of the spectrum between feminine and masculine).

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    1. From the little bit of research I’ve done, classic seems most likely. I don’t have a lot of curves – small chest, long straight waist, thinner thighs & skinny legs. My shoulders aren’t broad or rounded. I’ve got a bit of a butt and that’s kind of it for curves, but I’m also not highly angular / sharp-featured.

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      1. Ooh interesting. You’re close to my height, but your silhouette looks slightly different from mine; I’m flamboyant natural (tall head height (7.5), overall masculine with blunt, roundish edges. Think Princess Diana). Your shoulders aren’t big enough to be flamboyant natural, but natural could be a possibility.
        The quickest way to find out is to put on clothes of the different types and see what looks the best.

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      2. Nooo my comment disappeared 😭
        You’re close to my height but your silhouette looks less masculine than mine; I’m flamboyant natural btw (tall head height (7.5), overall masculine with blunt, roundish edges). I would say your shoulders are smaller than mine. Natural could also be a possibility.

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      3. Seems to be something wrong with the app on my phone. I can see the “missing” comment on the wordpress mac software just fine. Who knows.*shrugs*

        I was meaning to ask you and I thought, why not now. I’m planning to write a post on active INTP/INTJ bloggers on WordPress, and was wondering if it’s okay to link to your blog, as your writing is more private by nature.

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      4. Cool! Is it okay if I explicitly post a link to your coming out of Christian indocrination series? I’ll probably introduce it as something like “must-read for any intellectual/INTP who struggled with religeon/family issues” or “true story of an INTP woman who found the light with her brain”, something like that.

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