But has he tried dating people? I know it's not really a respectable blog post. I spent 6 hours looking at pricy handcrafted items in the Gatlinburg area with my dad and his friend G. I'm still stuck using my phone. This is the best I'm gonna do for now!

Cultivating An Air Of Mystery

I am part of a long running group chat in which the three other participants and I have grown so comfortable with each other that we have no problem discussing TMI topics. Last night's discussion involved what is apparently an age old discussion in a broader sense: whether or not we were comfortable using the … Continue reading Cultivating An Air Of Mystery

I Don’t Think I Can Add This Job To My Resume

I've never exactly been in step with society or people in general. I'm off the beaten path, marching to the beat of my own drum - however you want to say it. That's usually not intentional. I'm pretty sure it would have happened with or without the homeschooling and religious brainwashing. I come from a … Continue reading I Don’t Think I Can Add This Job To My Resume