Elwood, Indiana

When I was pet-sitting for my dad in Tennessee I accidentally discovered the fact that late night drives appear to be relaxing and therapeutic for me. I decided I’d continue the practice once I’d returned to Indiana. Admittedly, Indiana’s roads are not as fun to drive on as the roads in my dad’s region of Tennessee. Indiana’s roads are in rather poor condition in many places and they’re mostly laid out in a grid style and are fairly straight. Tennessee’s curvy roads are fun, if a little terrifying, by comparison.

Still, a late night drive with a relaxed playlist of music is soothing and has a feeling of freedom, for me, so I still appreciate and enjoy the practice here at home in Indiana. I haven’t had many opportunities since returning but last night I checked with H to find out his experience with the roads around here during the winter, and confirmed that it should be relatively safe because Marion and Hamilton counties, at the very least, are pretty good about salting the roads.

I decided I’d keep the route simple and picked state road 37 up to a town called Elwood. I’d never been to that particular town but it was at a good distance – not too far, not too close. The girls had gone to bed but the boys were still up at 10 when I headed out. B, my younger son, asked where I was going and I said ‘for a drive.’ It’s the literal truth, but I admit it wouldn’t take any special paranoia on my husband’s part to make that sound suspicious.

At this point I’m not going to concern myself with whether or not something looks suspicious, though, given that it did not matter how open or honest I’ve been, he was already suspicious and paranoid about everything anyway. (Months ago I’d been quite puzzled that telling him I was making a second facebook account just for interacting with my two favorite groups – one of which he was a member of, too – set off a paranoid reaction and required reassuring him that I wasn’t up to anything nefarious. If I’d been planning to use it to hide activity from him, why would I have told him about it?)

Anyway, back to my night. There was more traffic than I would have liked on the road with me, though it still wasn’t much and wasn’t slowing me down. When I arrived in Elwood, I was delighted to find that the downtown had been extremely exuberant with Christmas lights, so I parked at the nearby CVS and then got out to take pictures. I suppose it might have looked a little odd that someone was walking around snapping photos at around 11pm on a Saturday in a small town where pizza and redbox appeared to be the available activities but I enjoyed myself.

Here are my favorite pictures from the night.

7 thoughts on “Elwood, Indiana

    1. Walking around a strange town late at night wasn’t quite relaxing, but it was nice! It was a little anxiety inducing but the good kind that I get from doing something spontaneous and a little adventurous. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Wow, those pictures… stunning! I love a good drive. So relaxing, and seeing the lights is a bonus in this season, I just had a similar experience though only a few km’s from home. That wall mural! Amazing! xoxo

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