I try not to waste anger on my mom and the choices she made about how she raised me and educated me. Right now, though, it’s a little difficult not to feel hurt, sad and angry.

I worked up the courage to place a phone call to the Electrical Training Institute to clarify their application process and requirements. I found out that high school transcripts are a must. Required by the union. I don’t have high school transcripts. My mom chose not to bother educating me or registering me with the state during my high school years. I was able to easily pass and obtain a GED (HSE) at 18, in spite of not having progressed beyond pre-algebra – but transcripts are something I will never be able to access.

I wouldn’t need the transcripts if I had a 2 year degree. I don’t have a 2 year degree because my husband wanted me to have children right away, and I dropped out of college after our 3rd child because I’d gone from being an A student to getting Cs and knew it would only get worse.

I’m really tired of this slog – where I try to improve my life and my circumstances and keep running into blocks and obstacles around every corner. Blocks and obstacles that are there because of people that were my nearest and dearest.

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