Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was okay. Better than Tuesday had been. About an hour more for sleep, still felt kind of anxious and sad when I woke up, but managed to knock that out with my walk. Spent my time in a similar fashion - came home, showered, ate, and then went to two more Goodwills to continue … Continue reading Wednesday and Thursday

Errands, Etc.

Yesterday I finally felt the chill of fall in the air, and it gave me an emotional high. I got quietly hyper. I needed to go to the Sprint store to have my phone's battery checked, but it was going to require a bit of a drive as not all stores handle warranty services. I … Continue reading Errands, Etc.

Emotion And Logic Are Not Enemies / Opposites

I got lost down a rabbit hole of personality tests thanks to having visited the INTP subreddit (thanks to a mention of said forum by fellow blogger Blunt Japanese Woman). I understand said tests are an imperfect and often unscientific way of categorizing people, but I also find that I can learn things about myself, … Continue reading Emotion And Logic Are Not Enemies / Opposites