Thank You

There are a few people that have interacted with me here on a regular basis this year, and those interactions helped. There are times when I think about the fact that there are 7.5+ billion people on Earth, and yet at any given moment I cease to exist to anyone but myself. It's not a … Continue reading Thank You

Chewed Gum

Yesterday I sat on the little stone landing outside my dad's front door. The sun was out and I wanted to feel some warmth and do something healthy for myself. I brought my phone & headphones with me and listened to music and periodically cried. Sometimes a thought would come to me that I'd feel … Continue reading Chewed Gum


Been trying to sleep for over an hour now. Instead of getting sleepy, I'm dealing with intense loneliness. I think my internal landscape is getting altered so much, so quickly, that I don't feel like myself. I've spent most of my married life feeling touched out and wishing my children and husband would touch me … Continue reading Sulking