Not a Cheerful Christmas Post

We're in the home stretch. My husband worked from home Monday and Tuesday. I had contemplated sucking it up and staying home the entire time due to the kids being home on break, then realized I need to focus on keeping my mood stable as much as possible. So I spent Monday afternoon with M, … Continue reading Not a Cheerful Christmas Post

Living With Tension

I may be seeing progress on building emotional boundaries between myself and my husband. In spite of the fact that he's clearly been having a rough time, he did arrange for a visit with a new therapist, and went on Saturday morning, and we have not yet fallen into another lengthy and exhausting conversation in … Continue reading Living With Tension


Been trying to sleep for over an hour now. Instead of getting sleepy, I'm dealing with intense loneliness. I think my internal landscape is getting altered so much, so quickly, that I don't feel like myself. I've spent most of my married life feeling touched out and wishing my children and husband would touch me … Continue reading Sulking