Religious Indoctrination 10/20

Hell, that source of torment for so much of my life, was the next belief to fall. There was very little support in the Bible's texts for humans spending eternity in a lake of fire. More importantly, forcing humans to spend an eternity in a lake of fire would mark God as a colossal fucking … Continue reading Religious Indoctrination 10/20

Religious Indoctrination 9/20

My discovery of Calvinism brought on a crisis. The idea that salvation had been predetermined and that there was nothing anyone could do to have any control over their ultimate fate rattled me. What if it was true? Calvinism was supported by various texts from the Bible, after all. I decided that if it was … Continue reading Religious Indoctrination 9/20

Religious Indoctrination 8/20

I mentioned becoming part of the conservative Christian and libertarian Christian blog community. Some of my family had become part of this community too, and we'd made some friends from all over the country. Some of these friends were regular readers and commenters on a virulently anti-feminist libertarian Christian blog, which I don't want to … Continue reading Religious Indoctrination 8/20