Religious Indoctrination 20/20

I sprained my ankle in July 2018. I am in my late 30s and had never broken a bone or sprained an ankle and now my ankle went out from under me while walking in a park. It was not a mild sprain. It wasn't bad enough to need surgery but it did mean I … Continue reading Religious Indoctrination 20/20

Religious Indoctrination 19/20

I had started out my adult life as a conservative evangelical Christian that voted Republican if I voted at all. I'd registered as an independent but realistically I wouldn't be voting for a liberal. Liberal equaled hedonist sinner that supported killing babies. I was against feminism. I believed it was wrong to be gay, and … Continue reading Religious Indoctrination 19/20

Religious Indoctrination 13/20

Young earth creationism had fallen. A literal, inerrant Word of God had fallen. Hell had fallen. Inevitable human depravity had fallen. Suffering as the means to become better was eroding. Hierarchy was eroding. I'd been isolated and put into a metaphorical iron suit of religious propaganda that would contain and restrain my growth as a … Continue reading Religious Indoctrination 13/20