Pursuing Happiness

I posted this on Facebook today but felt it would be worth posting here, too, as part of my effort to chronicle my ongoing journey from mental illness to mental health. Last year near the end of July I sprained my ankle and had to spend months mostly stuck in bed, playing No Man's Sky … Continue reading Pursuing Happiness

A Rant About Boredom And Love

I'm just unfocused and bored enough that I can't focus on ways to alleviate the boredom. I'm at the level of existential boredom where I finally joined reddit last night, spent the evening browsing and occasionally commenting on things, and am now already bored with reddit. So now I'm here, hoping writing on my blog … Continue reading A Rant About Boredom And Love

Happiness and the Conservative Christian Girl

For most of my life I've had to pass my happiness and desires through the happiness and desires of someone else, first. I couldn't just make a choice because it would be good for me and make me happy, I had to check first to make sure if what I wanted to do was acceptable … Continue reading Happiness and the Conservative Christian Girl