After Dark

The party of fellow travelers was gone. We knew they'd been set upon by the shadow creatures last night and the survivors of the initial attack had been chased from the river to here, where they made their last stand. There had been clubs by the river, lying on the ground, the only sign that … Continue reading After Dark

Dream: Space Colonists & Accidental Abandonment

It's funny that I can more or less shrug off horror themed dreams, even ones that were somewhat frightening and traumatic while happening, but other dreams with seemingly benign settings turn out to be gut-wrenching. Last night I only remember one dream. I think I started off as myself, but in another existence - I … Continue reading Dream: Space Colonists & Accidental Abandonment

Insert Pretentious or Cliche Quote About Dreams Here

Among the many reasons to dislike chronic sleep deprivation is the infrequency of my dreams. My dreams and I are friends. I dream in color - color that is sometimes so vivid it seems to glow. Sometimes I am myself in dreams, but often I am not. I may inhabit the body of the dream's … Continue reading Insert Pretentious or Cliche Quote About Dreams Here