On the Subject of Doubt

Yesterday A, M and I had a conversation about faith and religion. (J's phone has been screwing up and refusing to connect to her wi-fi when she's at home, so she wasn't present for it). All 4 of us have been severely damaged by religious indoctrination. All 4 of us have had at least one … Continue reading On the Subject of Doubt

Morbid Curiosity Leads to Anger

I distract myself by browsing a lot of blogs. Some I click on out of morbid curiosity, especially if they appear to be written by conservative Christians. Most of the time, I'm grimly amused at the way they think and write, glad I've left that world behind me. Today, though, I stumbled across a blog … Continue reading Morbid Curiosity Leads to Anger

Christianity As A Cloak For Mental Illness

I was reading the comments on a post about religion and mental health and found some poor Christians talking about being tormented by demons and now I'm over here in a rage just wanting to scream YOU ARE NOT BEING TORMENTED BY DEMONS YOU HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS AND NEED TREATMENT, NOT JESUS.* Jesus-fucking-christ. Several … Continue reading Christianity As A Cloak For Mental Illness

If You’re Christian, You Probably Don’t Want To Be Here

I was raised as an evangelical Christian. I write about that experience occasionally. I don't have nice things to say about it. Right now I'm very bitter about my conservative Christian upbringing and what it did to my life and the precious years I wasted, suffering intensely while trying to shape myself and my life … Continue reading If You’re Christian, You Probably Don’t Want To Be Here