Wish Me Luck

Yesterday I had my interview with the store I applied to. It was around 60 outside, and breezy, so we sat on the table outside the store. I hate certain aspects of interviews, in particular things like ‘tell us about a time when you did X.’ Those aren’t the memories I tend to hang on to. I managed to strike a balance between general honesty and finding something pertinent to say, though.

I was a little worried that the interview wrapped up pretty quickly, because I never feel like I can tell if I’ve made a good impression or if the person’s facial expressions and body language indicate general approval. They could, after all, just be good at acting. The older man interviewing me said they’d be in touch if they wanted to schedule a 2nd interview. (The process requires 2 interviews.)

I left feeling like at least I’d done a thing.

I was on the interstate heading home when I got a call from an unfamiliar number, but since it was the local area code I answered. It was the man that had interviewed me, wanting to schedule my 2nd interview. That seems pretty positive to hear back so quickly. I’ll interview with the man that’s in charge of this location this afternoon. As long as he doesn’t take an instant, subjective dislike to me perhaps I’ll have a job offer incoming.

3 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck

  1. Good luck! Job searches are so unpredictable; nothing happens for a while and then suddenly it does. It’s definitely a good thing they called back so quickly and I hope this interview goes well too.

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