Thank You

There are a few people that have interacted with me here on a regular basis this year, and those interactions helped.

There are times when I think about the fact that there are 7.5+ billion people on Earth, and yet at any given moment I cease to exist to anyone but myself. It’s not a pleasant headspace to end up in. While I have friends I can reach out to, I’ve felt worried I was reaching out too much, too often, too emotionally. I blogged in part to give them a break.

I expected blogging to be screaming into the void. It turns out the void is filled with marketing and advertisements but also a few genuine voices that spoke back, added reassurance to my reality, and lessened the loneliness by at least a fraction.

And for that, I’m grateful.

20 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I always read your posts. What you write here is so emotionally open and real. I hope that 2020 goes better for you.

    If you ever want to reach out to someone else then I’m often around.

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  2. Happy new year!

    Reading your blog gives me perspective: somewhere in America there’s a woman with a similar personality to mine going through a complete different life with different priorities and issues. I get to live several different lives at once from my phone!😂
    I hope this doesn’t come across as selfish because it’s hard to find other INTP women online, especially ones that are open about their personal lives.

    Hopefully 2020 will turn out to be a good year for you and I can send you a card or some stickers or something!

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      1. Not sure you can find stationary with jumping spiders, lol. I like most colors, but blood red is one of my favorites. (I swear I’m not as weird and creepy as these preferences make me sound.)

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      2. Hah, that’s awesome! I flirted with the goth aesthetic when it was popular here in the 90s / early aughts, but I don’t really feel like it’s “me” fashion-wise. I love color and variety too much.

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