Flames On The Side Of My Face

So my husband wanted to go over the divorce paperwork. I’d already told him I wouldn’t be filling anything out or signing anything, but it seemed important to him and I decided I’d go along with that. We walked over to the library, in silence most of the way except when we walked through a slippery muddy spot and ended up with shoes caked in muck, which broke the ice for a moment.

At the library he brought out the example paperwork he’d printed and I looked it over. It was a rather lengthy process as there was a lot of paperwork involved. When I finished reading through, I passed the paperwork back to him, only to discover he thought we were going to discuss it line by line and write notes. That was not how I envisioned this process, and there was genuinely very little point in doing so when I’d already told him I wouldn’t be cooperating with filing in January and I still need to have things like a job and residency arranged.

So I just said that it looked like the normal guidelines for custody in Indiana were going to be a good starting point. That as long as he wasn’t filing early, we’d go on as before – he’d be the custodial parent and I’d be the non-custodial parent. He then tried to talk about things like assets – what was I going to want? I think he’s worried I might come after his Magic: the Gathering hoard or the savings, if we have any savings left. He also clearly wanted to make sure to offload the car on me before it was paid off, even though originally he was going to pay it off. He is, after all, the one that insisted on buying a brand new car.

He then revealed a jaw dropping fact – he thought I’d “broken the agreement” by getting legal advice without him being present.

Back in October, when he attempted to kick me out of the apartment, and I talked him down and we went over our agreement again, I’d added a stipulation that we’d seek legal counsel together. That’s because he’d consulted a lawyer without me, and wanted me to cooperate with filling out the divorce paperwork on our own without paying for lawyers. Somehow, he twisted ‘we’ll seek legal counsel together’ to mean I would ONLY seek legal counsel with him present.

That fucker honestly seemed to think I had voluntarily waived my right to private legal consultation.

I was astounded. And furious. I could tell there was no way I was going to be able to handle this grenade he’d just thrown calmly, so I reminded him that he needed my cooperation and then walked out.

I haven’t been so angry with him this entire time. Who does he think he is? Who does he think I am?

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