Panther Creek State Park, Part 2

My first day, proceeding along the overlook loop trail and having passed to the other side of the hills and partially descended, I looked up and spotted a cave. 38 year old me thought ‘that’s cool,’ took note of the terrain and thought it would be a good idea to keep walking.

8 year old me screamed THAT IS A CAVE. GET YOUR BOTTOM* UP THAT HILL FOR A CLOSER LOOK! (*8 year old me wasn’t allowed to say butt, let alone ass.)

The terrain in question was up a hill full of rocks and roots and covered in all the recently fallen fall foliage. I looked at it and thought it seemed like the kind of terrain where one could easily sprain an ankle. But, I was feeling adventurous and 8 year old me was being pretty loud about this, so I ascended the hill.

I managed to safely ascend the hill and reach the entrance of the cave. At 38, it wasn’t exactly the most glorious thing I’d ever seen, but I had to acknowledge 8 year old me would have thought it was just about the coolest thing she’d ever seen.

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