Fall Foliage, Etc.

I was complaining to A and H about not wanting to muck my shoulder up further and delay healing, but going stir crazy being stuck in the house so much, and H suggested I try a sling from a drug store. That was an excellent suggestion, so yesterday afternoon I walked to a nearby CVS and purchased a sling for my arm. (The clerk looked like middle-aged Biff from Back to the Future.)

Later, timing it so I’d had a dose of ibuprofen first, I went for a walk down to my favorite local bit of nature and was so happy I did. It was pretty much a perfect day out – high 60s, sunny, with a cool breeze – and the fall foliage has been coming along nicely.

The sling did help my shoulder, though it upset my balance and posture enough that my neck, back and ankle were sore walking home. Worth it, though! And all three were just fine after I’d been home resting again for a while.

My husband was out at a LARP game last night, and since the kids were occupied playing on the various game systems, I took the opportunity to watch the first two episodes of The Expanse season 2 and just generally took it easy.

Fell asleep around 10:30, slept 6 hours, actually managed to fall back asleep and probably totaled 7 1/2-8 hours of sleep, which was amazing. I was so excited about that! And chagrined that the best and most exciting thing happening to me is getting a normal amount of sleep for one night. (I had a dream involving the guys from Mythbusters, McDonald’s, and a leaky dishwasher. Sadly nothing was blown up.)

Anyway, here are some photos I took of the fall foliage.

8 thoughts on “Fall Foliage, Etc.

  1. Wow, it’s beautiful where you live. We don’t really have color changes here. I miss them. glad you got some sleep. That’s a good thing to celebrate. In college sleep is our favorite thing. We are always excited when we get to sleep enough. 😀

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    1. I spent 25 years in FL and there really wasn’t much to mark the seasons there, either – and I missed seasons considerably! I’ve been thrilled to have a proper spring and fall again since moving back to the midwest!

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      1. That’s a shame re: it being that hard to see nature where you’re at. I’m glad science is starting to point out how much green spaces and leaving trees in when planning cities matters to the population so that future city planners can work them in.

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      2. Hi, this is kind of random but I’m currently reading a book on cults and mind control.
        It says that ex-members often have emotional baggage that goes undetected/misdiagnosed by mental health professionals. I had a sudden hunch that this might be relevant to you because you too were indoctrinated into religion against your will. I don’t know if your organization is a cult or not, but apparently the gray zone is large and very murky.

        If you’re curious, the book is “Combatting Cult Mind Control” by Steve Hassan.

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