MST3K, and Music

When I was in Tennessee, my husband had messaged me and said he wanted to get tickets to MST3K’s live tour, as they’d be in the Indy area in October, and if he did, would I go with him? I was leery of the idea but said yes. MST3K has been a part of my life from before my husband and I even knew each other. (MST3K, for those that don’t know, is Mystery Science Theater 3000, a show that makes fun of terrible movies.)

During September he asked a couple more times to assure himself I wanted to go with him. I always said yes but used language that allowed for the possibility it wouldn’t be able to happen. Not being a Sith, I don’t deal in absolutes – or something like that. I knew there was a possibility we wouldn’t be able to go and spend a nice evening together, and as it happens, my intuition was correct.

After the events of this weekend, when my husband asked if I still wanted to go, I said no and suggested he take one of our sons instead. Since our second son is about to turn 13, it became an early birthday present.

I was sad and grimly amused last night. Sad because I was missing something I would really have wanted to do under ordinary circumstances – and that’s likely to be my last shot, they’ve said this is the last time they’ll tour. Grimly amused at the way my husband self-sabotaged. I had told him before we moved from Illinois that I still liked him as a person and thought of him as a friend.

Well. I can still see that he has good qualities, but he’s making the part where we can stay friends incredibly difficult if not impossible.

The other three kids did their chores and then played games on the computer until bedtime. I decided I’d spend some time listening to this week’s round of suggested songs from Spotify and playing solitaire. I typically can’t do much more than play solitaire while listening to new songs, or I must find that my brain has entirely ceased paying attention to the song and it’s largely gone unheard.

Luckily computer algorithms know me better than most humans and I was cheered to discover songs I not only liked, but songs I loved. I found one of them, Little White Lie by Dead Astronauts, on youtube and linked it for A and H. A agreed it seemed like a very ‘me’ song. H mentioned that the channel the video was on (NewRetroWave) was a good place for discovering artists that weren’t well known, and then linked a couple more channels where I might find music to my taste.

One of them was MrSuicideSheep, which I’ve actually been subscribed to for years now. The songs I found there and then added to Spotify when I joined have undoubtedly contributed to shaping Spotify’s suggestions. H then went on link a specific group he thought I might like, and we chatted about music for a bit. A had disappeared to do other things, but rejoined us towards the tail end of the conversation.

(It was comforting to think that it’s unlikely a friend is going to spend time suggesting and sharing music they think you might like if they’re tired of you and wishing you’d just go away.)

Another suggestion from Spotify was ionnalee’s Dunes of Sand ft. Jamie Irrepressible – the latter being one of my favorite singers, so I was thrilled that I liked the song. Ionnalee herself looks like what would happen if my friend M had a baby with Bjork. I suggested to my other group chat that they google her, and M laughed and agreed that she looked like their lovechild.

Not all of the suggestions were knocking it out of the park though. At one point I’d drifted off a bit, then realized I was hearing the lyrics “and that’s where your eyes ate me,” and when I looked, the song was Cannibals from an album titled Cut Your Teeth, and I decided that was excessive, theme-wise. Cannibalism was one of the huge horrors of my childhood and teenage years and can still make me wince a bit, unless it’s jokes about eating the rich or soylent green.

I quipped that Spotify must have wanted to offer me Halloween-themed suggestions, and H mentioned that he doesn’t listen to Halloween music – the closest he gets is Dance With The Dead, which he then linked. I was amused because he wasn’t offering that one as a suggestion for something I’d like – but after listening it turns out I love them. It’s very rare for me to be able to listen to an entire album and like most or all of it, but it seems they’re one of the groups that hits the right note for me.

I’m torn because I want to put their music into my playlists for my car, but I have a feeling they might encourage my aggressive driving.

As for Halloween music – I generally don’t listen to Halloween-specific music, either, but I have multiple playlists with music that could be considered horror-themed. H realized that was true of some of his music, too, beyond DWTD. Around then is when A returned to the conversation to say she listens to The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack like a basic bitch, and then rattled off a handful of Halloween-appropriate songs to go with it.

I can listen to and enjoy songs from tNBC any time of the year, though I don’t bother putting them into my own playlists.

The conversation wound down not too long after that. I was in the process of getting ready for bed when my husband & son returned from. Since we both needed to go to bed I didn’t get a chance to ask my son how his night was, but I hope he enjoyed it. Even though I’m sad I missed it, I don’t begrudge him getting the chance in my place.

Here’s Little White Lie by Dead Astronauts – if you like synthpop as a genre, or the bands Depeche Mode or Still Corners, you might like it, too.

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