Brains Are Weird

A couple of days ago, H linked a youtube video about the game Dragon Age: Origins from a youtuber that goes by The Spiffing Brit. I tried watching it at bedtime, with the attitude that I’d turn it off if it seemed like a youtube video was too much stimulation while trying to relax for sleep.

I was asleep in 5 minutes.

That was a very curious result. Even listening to relaxing music, it takes me 15 minutes if I’m super lucky, and has often been 90 minutes or more. So I decided I’d try watching it again last night and was again asleep 5 minutes in. The video continued playing until the end both times, and I was wearing noise canceling headphones with good sound quality, but it never woke me up.

It’s not boredom. I find boredom actively irritating, which does the opposite of relax me. So apparently there is something about this dude’s voice, or the intro to the video, that my brain finds incredibly relaxing. Brains are weird. I’m going to have to try watching it again tonight and see if I can replicate the results 3x in a row.

Maybe it’s the British accent. Maybe it’s that he was making fun of Elon Musk in the intro.

All I know is that last night I got over 6 1/2 hours of sleep, because not only did I fall asleep almost instantly, I also stayed asleep past 5am in the morning! And it feels amazing to have had over 6 hours of sleep. I may even have gotten 2 whole REM cycles out of that!

6 thoughts on “Brains Are Weird

  1. In my worst phases of depression I used to listen to podcasts to fall asleep.
    It’s probably the voice. You get used to listening to a certain voice over time and it relaxes you. I’ve tried listening to sleep hypnosis recordings but they didn’t work even if they had high quality voice acting and all that; it’s not the right voice.

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    1. Well, I’d only ever watched one of his videos before so I don’t think it’s because I’m used to his voice! I think it must just be something about his voice that happens to be relaxing for me and I was lucky enough to stumble into that knowledge.

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